Seeing the success of the online database registration platform, the project H.O.P.E initiative in a bid to reach the youths from the region resident in rural areas who might not be able to use the online portals themselves, launched a local registration and engagement programme, employing the use of Local Government Area supervisors.

These LGA supervisors were selected from the database system based on their interest, skills level and data inputted. From this, a schedule to reach out to them in their various states was created, and they were contacted, congratulated and informed of the dates for their own states’ onboarding and training event.

Rivers state.

We kicked off the journey at the NDDC state office Rivers State on the 14th of August 2023, the event had in attendance dignitaries from the headquarters, such as the NDDC Director Skills Development and Empowerment, Mrs. Winifred Madume, amongst others.

Beneficiaries were drawn from the 23 local government areas of the state, each representing their local government area as supervisors to be involved in the registration and subsequent onboarding of new and intending Niger Delta Youths within their local government area interested in the Niger Delta Youths Resource Database and  the project hope initiative.

Before kickoff of the orientation training and onboarding exercise, all beneficiaries were duly accredited to prevent fraud and impersonation. After this process, they were granted access to the event hall, where they were duly sited and ready to be engaged.

The event kicked off with the Creative Director of Project Hope. Amb. Blessing Fubara addressing all beneficiaries, he spoke widely on the inspiration, purpose and goals behind the project hope initiative. He also elucidated the important roles the beneficiaries, (now local government supervisors for the Project H.O.P.E Youth Resource Database) have to play. He explained how they were all selected from the youth resource database system, showing our commitment to doing things differently and right this time around. In the end, he encouraged them to stick to best practices as they are now ambassadors of Project Hope.

Later the beneficiaries were taken through technical sessions, The first one led by Mr. Ray Okaah, and another led by Mr Okechukwu Celestine. The sessions touched on Data collation, data quality, cyber security best practices amongst others. 

Directors and representatives from the Nddc also addressed the audience. Soon bankers arrived and participants were given bank forms for immediate opening of their bank accounts, so they could begin work as soon as possible. There were also refreshments and the day’s training was brought to an end.

The programme continued the next day on the 15th of August. As participants’ challenges were addressed, they were briefed further on the nature of their roles and engagement, they were also given their official appointment letters individually. They were asked to also get signatures of guarantors, and to submit a photocopy of it to the state office when done. The event was brought to a close in Rivers state, and the train got ready to move to the next Nddc state, Bayelsa.

Bayelsa State.

The Project Hope train arrived in Bayelsa on the 17th of August at the Nddc state office in Yenagoa. Beneficiaries were ushered in and accredited into the venue. A few impostors were fished out by the system, further sending the signal to all observers present that things are done differently this time around.

The event followed the standard event programme template as the beneficiaries were elaborately addressed by Amb, Blessing Fubara, the training professionals, director of the state Nddc, and other functionaries present.

It continued the next day on the 18th of August and ended with joyful testimonies from participants appreciating the initiative and thanking the creative director, the Nddc and its management for doing things differently this time around.

Delta State.

On the 21st of August, we arrived at the Nddc state office in Warri, Delta state. As per usual, participants were accredited and ushered into the event venue. The standard event programme was followed, and we dedicated a special session to entertain the various concerns and questions already prepared by the beneficiaries of the state. The project’s creative director responded to their concerns one on one and ensured they all got the answers and care they needed, right there at the spot. It was an interactive session. The programme took place on the 21st and 22nd August at the Nddc state office Warri, and by the end all participants present were given their bank forms, letter of appointments, and prepped on the nature of their job, roles and responsibilities going forward.

Edo State.

On the 23rd of August, participants in Edo state, already contacted and  pre-informed, gathered at Vichi Gates Hotel, the venue for the orientation and engagement training, this was necessary as the Nddc state office was / is inaccessible at the moment.

Despite the unique nature of this, all participants were still taken through the proper accreditation processes and invited into the venue hall. Sessions were also handled in batches, to make way for those coming from far places.

It was held on the 23rd and morning of the 24th of August. In all it was a successful outing and bankers were invited as per usual to issue bank opening forms for the beneficiaries, and they also received their letters of appointment.

Ondo State.

Later during the day on the same 24th of August the Project Hope train left Edo and arrived at the Nddc state office, Igbokoda, Ondo State. We met a unique situation on ground and engaged the management and staff of the state office, we also ensured available participants got all they needed. The state office was also given all they needed to continue the process in our absence to reach all the LGAs and ensure the overall success of the program.

Moving to Other States.

In all it has been one successful outing after another and the project hope train, having covered; Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Delta State, Edo State, and Ondo State will move again to cover the remaining 4 of the NDDC states soon, and to meet with all beneficiaries of the Project H.O.P.E youth resource database LGA supervisors programme, selected from the system, who currently await us.