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PROJECT  9-9-9


Project 9-9-9 is one amongst the series of deliberate actions strategically designed for practical implementations by the cardinal objectives of the project H.O.P.E (Holistic Opportunities, Programmes for Engagement) of the Samuel Ogbuku and Charles Ogunmola’s board.

The cardinals of the project 9-9-9 as designed in the blueprint of implementation is set to create in the first phase 9000 practical jobs for the teeming unemployed youths of Niger Delta. The concept of delivery is conceptualized to establish ­ multi Agro farm based processor chains industries one each across the Nine States of the region according the resource value of the State/terrain.

The offer base for partnership is premised on the factors of production, ie.

Land, Labor, Capital, Expertise

Introducing the concept of C.P.P [Community Private Partnership] as part of our P.P.P [ Public Private Partnership] implementation policy,  the privilege of our vast blessed community  expanse is thus our foremost offer options for partnership. We offer Land from the scale of negotiation indicators as one of our tenable assets for equity in partnership interest. The concept of the Community Private Partnership is built on the possibilities of shared equity of establishment investment, this is hinged on the community providing the specified proposed hectre of property required for investment establishment in consideration of community/family shares in prospective projected interest/revenue.

[Please refer to project concept blueprint for interest scope]

With the actualization of the launch and deployment of this potential resource Data System, we again assume the responsibility of Labor equity in interest, as the resource system base fundamental is scoped to query individual data by Qualification, Skills, Interest, Passion and Status ID’s to properly standby fits skill/professional set for the Agro Industrial Establishments of the concept of the Project 9-9-9.

 The NDDC gracefully extends the privilege of Capital and shared expertise responsibility  of investment partnership, to an interested investor who’s investment interest is in line with the establishment/investment options and privileges.

Please see States and specified designated establishment/investment options.

 Lately the surge for entertainment, arts and music business has proven to be one major areas of youth empowerment, employment generation and talent support if properly harnessed or given the adequate push and platform. The Niger Delta M.A.P is conceptualized to Scout, Identify, Nurture, Market and Empower  brilliant  talents in the areas of Music business, Acting/Directing, Cinematography , Audio visual productions. Skit making, script writing, brand/act manager, mix master and editing.

This programme will be availing the Youths talent an enterprising and expository platform to limelight  through  a  special  purpose  creative  vehicle  christened  ‘MUSIC  ENTERTAINMENT  & NIGER DELTA YOUTHS’ (M.E & NIGERDELTA YOUTHS)

Please see project overview.

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Skill Expertise  and  Practical  capacity development remains a catalyst of input and productivity, Hence the professional expertee and skills enterprise of human resource remain a strong component of adjudging  and evaluating desk performance, Enterprising Internship will  continue to be a veritable tool for resource/ capacity enhancement and preparedness solution for Developing, Engaging capacitating  and depleting the pool of almost redundant brilliant minds/graduates we have in the region.

Thus in a bid to explore options to consolidate on actionable model for the aforementioned objectives, the NDDC has designed a strategic Interns Pool Scheme to brighten up, prepare, engage and build a resume of job experience task delivery assurance.